Adult jokes on kids TV shows that get past you

So there is a lot to unpack here …

By now we’ve all realized that the folks behind kids’ shows like to slip in a joke or two for adults. And when you watch them now, you scream realizing exactly what those jokes were – because How? ‘Or’ What did they get the green light for television?

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Or maybe you were warned when you were a kid when an adult watching TV with you let out an unwanted chuckle.

Well, Redditor u / pswii360i recently demand, “What’s your ‘I can’t believe they get away with this on a kids’ show’ moment?”

And they have very interesting answers. (Although I remember some of them, let me tell you, it took my breath away.) So, without further ado, here are some of the best:


When to Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Hugh said: “Once, when I was seven, I sat on a banana. And, of course, it changed my life …”


This time, a motorcycle gang, the Buffalo Gals, broke into the Cow and Chicken house and began “nibbling” on the carpet. Cow and chicken.

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In Sponge Bob SquarePants, when SpongeBob handed two bars of soap to Gary, winked at him and said, “Don’t drop them!”

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Or when SpongeBob SquarePants Patrick and Mr. Krabs raided their pants (and it turns out they broke into Mr. Krabs’ mother’s house).

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The episode of Hi Arnold! when Helga sat in her closet, where she had built Arnold’s shrine, and wrote a poem about him that included the phrase, “Arnold, you make my childhood tremble.” “


In Animans, when Yakko told Dot to dust off for the footprints, she came back with Prince saying, “I found Prince!” to which Yakko wagged his fingers and said, “No, no, no, fingerprints, “and Dot replied,” I don’t think so!

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In Super girls, when Bubbles told his new neighbor Robin that Professor Utonium made them in his lab by accident, and Robin replied, “Don’t worry, Professor, I was an accident too.”

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Or when Mojo Jojo was thrown in a jail cell with a taller man who smiled creepily at him before the scene ended as the narrator said, “Love is in the air, don’t can’t you feel it? “

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In Modern Rocko Life, when Rocko found a job as a telephone sex operator. (And he kept saying, “Oh, baby. Oh, baby. Oh, baby.”)

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“In one episode, his neighbor called. How the hell did they get this approved !?” –u / SilverWolfIMHP76


And even worse, when Rocko, Heffer and Filburt played a game called “Spank the Monkey”, with paddles.


When chief cheerleader Kimmy tried to seduce Newton to do her math work for her in order to avoid being kicked out of the cheerleader squad in Titan Sym-Bionic – and danced to a song called “Booty Jeans”.

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This time, Marcy, Velma’s cousin, shyly said to Fred: “I’m eighteen, I can legally… vote!” in What’s up, Scooby Doo?

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When The Flash said, “I’m the fastest man in the world,” to which Hawkgirl replied, “Did you ever think that was why you couldn’t have a date?” in Justice League. (Flash asked after, “Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?”)

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This episode of Adventure time where Finn and Jake hid in Marceline’s closet. Then, when Finn came out to check if the coast was free, he saw Marceline naked.

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In Sam & Cat, when Cat had to “perform CPR” but ended up bouncing up and down on the guy’s chest.

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When Lois saw a picture of Superman on the Daily Planet and commented, “Nice ‘S'” – but it sounded like “Nice ass” – then Clark immediately asked, “Excuse me?” in
Superman: The Animated Series.

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When the wicked of Dexter’s lab cut into a bag of flour as if it were cocaine, and one of them said, “Gentlemen, we’re going to bake a lot of bread.”

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Or, when the neighbor’s pants – also in Dexter’s lab – had “Daddy’s Trophy” written on the butt.

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This time, Double D touched the mysterious boomerang in Ed, Edd and Eddy, started to sweat and did a striptease on the lamppost.

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In Regular show, when Mordecai accidentally saw Pops naked.

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When Harley Quinn jumped onto the Joker’s desk in a nightgown and asked him, “Don’t you want to spin your Harley?” in Batman: The Animated Series.

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This time Gumball found Alan deflated in the bathroom and “blew up” him in The Amazing World of Gumball.

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Or, when Alan “ate” an eggplant to emphasize the importance of eating vegetables. Except another student remarked, “If you were talking while you were eating, then where is the …” before being interrupted by Darwin’s appearance.

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“And another character points out that it’s not his mouth he’s using?” –you / rubmybellx


In Rugrats, when Tommy, Phil and Lil got naked (because Spike the dog must have been naked) and Phil and Lil gasped when they saw each other naked for the first time. Then Tommy looked at Lil and asked if he could ask him a personal question.


And this time Grandpa Lou told Tommy and Chuckie his favorite video was “Lonely Space Vixens” while laughing and raising his eyebrows, before adding, “It’s for after I go to bed.”


The episode of The Specter Spider-Man when Spider-Man pulled a web at Black Cat, and she said, “Oh, you better not get your goop in my hair.”

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“The episode was full of double meanings, but it was the crowning glory.” –you / he’s a bad guy


When Ren and Stimpy were door-to-door rubber nipple sellers and met Mr. Horse, who – after thinking they were the FBI – creepily said, “So nipples, eh? No sir, I don’t think I used any for rubber nipples. I’ll tell you what, do you have any rubber walrus protectors? “As he pulled out a walrus, who begged,” Call the police ,” in The Ren & Stimpy Show.


And, finally, this time Ren was going to spank Kowalski (who was in jail) and told him to pull his pants down, but then panicked when Kowalski did and changed his mind.

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“When Ren saw the condition of his asshole, he backed up in fear and told her to put them back up.” –u / davewtameloncamp

Did you laugh, grind your teeth or gasp? And you, when can’t you believe they ran off on a kids’ show? Let us know below in the comments!

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