A Majestic Stay at the Magnificent Royal Malewane

Two days into her retirement, Liz Biden, with the unwavering support of husband Phil, decided to turn their private home in the bush into a hotel for guests. The result is the glorious Royal Malewane, located in the greater Kruger National Park and has been a favorite palm of dignitaries, celebrities, and admired by guests for over 22 years.

Following a stay at The Farmstead in 2019, I secretly asked to come back for a stay at Royal Malewane, who read about the fascinating history of ownership in their beautiful book on the coffee table, A Perfect Stay – Inside the Royal Portfolio. My daughter and I arrived at the stately entrance to Royal Malewane with ‘welcome home’ greetings, making us feel embraced by the warmth of hospitality here.

The main deck at Royal Malewane, the ideal place for dining. Photo courtesy of Royal Malewane

On the main deck next to the waterhole, our table is set for lunch and the personalized menus show a lovely touch. The smidgens colors give life to the dark wooden dining table and leather chairs. A soft red cherry throw doubles as a knee -length blanket while the bright green hues provide glorious silver service.

Royal Malewane
The most delicious shank of lamb. Photo courtesy of Royal Malewane

Scottish -born executive chef Archie has stepped forward to introduce himself and with over 15 years of culinary expertise in England, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa, the eateries are for unparalleled cuisine at Royal Malewane. We ate superbly prepared lamb shank, perfectly prepared beef fillet, melted brownish chocolates, and my daughter’s favorite “best pizza ever”.

Royal Malewane
Rich suites at Royal Malewane. Photo courtesy of Royal Malewane

We were staying in suite number 7, and the nyalas resident temporarily looked up from custody as we toured them. The handmade doors open into an exquisite haven, with all the luxurious furnishings selected by The Royal Portfolio famous inside doyenne Liz. Not conforming to the standard of ‘safe’ safari colors that include beiges and creams, the not -so -bad use of pure cotton bedding will make you feel like you’re sleeping under a soft cloud.

Royal Malewane
The glorious bathroom. Photo courtesy of Royal Malewane

Persian rugs are carefully placed next to the bed, under the couch in the lounge, and in the glorious bathroom. Slide the doors to open the feeling of that bush to penetrate or remrieve under the pergola while raising your daybed under the threatening eyes of passers-by including the giraffe, elephant, and in our case, the most lovely nyala.

An African Wild Dog.  Photo by Heléne Ramackers
An African Wild Dog. Photo by Heléne Ramackers

Following a relaxing afternoon spent on our private veranda, we met in the lounge of ranger HJ and tracker Selby for our game drive through the renowned Thornybush Game Reserve. Amidst the cloud of dust, we see them – a pack of seven wild dogs in Africa. One of them had an injury to his back leg as well as a broken jaw and couldn’t stand the rest of them, getting caught until they stopped and ‘nursing’ his wound by licking it. We spend time with the two elephants feeding, stripping the leaves from the dry branches of the tree.

One of the most rare sights ever - a pangolin!  Photo by Heléne Ramackers
One of the most rare sights ever – a pangolin! Photo by Heléne Ramackers

After our sundowner stops, night begins to fall, and on our return to the lodge, HJ signals to Selby to fix where he needs to go, as once in a lifetime sightings have only been reported. In all our years on safari, it was a first for our daughter and my eye – staring at a pangolin in its natural habitat. We were informed that we could get out of the vehicle to take a closer look and the intricate detail on this scaled mammal infuriates us that it is the most practical animal in Asia and Africa. We left him to do business

Excessive drinking leads to a round stomach for this lion cub.  Photo by Heléne Ramackers
Excessive drinking leads to a round stomach for this lion cub. Photo by Heléne Ramackers

Returning to the lodge, we ate the best food at Masiya Bar before retiring. The next morning, we saw a pair of mating lions on our game drive, as well as a large lion pride feasting along with some uncomfortable round bellies. It was time to go home after another wonderful meal and while we were waiting for our Airlink flight to Hoedspruit Airport, my son and I asked to be able to spend a few more nights alone at Royal Malewane. Riding the steps of the Airlink Embraer E-Jet, we were relieved by the friendliness of flight attendants, ample plane room, more spacious seats, and landing at Cape Town International Airport ahead of schedule. Just another reason we prefer to enjoy The Freedom of the African Skies with Airlink.

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