$ 375 Owner’s Checks + Cop slapped in the face + DWI with kids in the car

Welcome back, Merrick! Let’s start this Monday on the right foot. Here’s what’s going on in town today.

Nassau owners could receive another pandemic relief check soon. A Wantagh man arrested for assaulting police officer, And one Elmont woman charged with drunk driving with two children in the car.

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First of all, the weather forecast for the day:

Clear all day. High: 78 Low: 65.

Here are Merrick’s best stories today:

  1. ABC News reports that Nassau and Suffolk counties lead New York state in auto-related deaths, and many experts find excessive speeding and reckless driving as factors. (WABC-TV)
  2. A Elmont woman, 40, arrested on Long Island for allegedly drunk driving with two children in the car. Jacqueline Lopez was arrested on Saturday. (Daily voice)
  3. Vera Chinese has details on a A man from Wantagh who was charged with assault after kicking a police officer in the face when police responded to a call at a house. Tristan Persaud, 24, faces second degree assault. (Subscription: News day)
  4. Nassau County lawmakers will vote today on a plan by County Executive Laura Curran to send county checks for $ 375 to homeowners using federal pandemic assistance. A Republican Sponsored Vote bills that would eliminate $ 100 million in property and traffic costs is also to be considered. (Subscription: News day)

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